Automatic Daily Dashboard: Dashboard Analytics Emailed Daily

Wouldn’t it be convenient to just open up your email and have all your GPS Fleet Tracking Analytics ready for you in your inbox?

Well, that’s what EAGLEi GPS has done for our customers. With our enhanced and innovative user interface, you can easily set up daily, and/or weekly analytics to be scheduled for email delivery, streamlining your workflow and ensuring that essential insights are always at your fingertips.

Enhancing Accessibility & Convenience:

Navigating through multiple platforms to access essential analytics can be cumbersome. The Automatic Daily Dashboard by EAGLEi GPS mitigates this by bringing crucial data directly to your inbox.

Time Efficiency:

Receiving analytics directly in your email saves time, enabling quick access to essential data, allowing more time to focus on core operational activities.

User-Friendly Interface:

The Automatic Daily Dashboard is designed with user convenience in mind, presenting data in an easily understandable format, making analytics accessible to all members of your team.

Optimizing Fleet Management with Automatic Analytics:

In the realm of GPS fleet tracking, having swift access to analytics is crucial. Automatic analytics delivery ensures that fleet managers are consistently informed, enabling optimal decision-making.

Real-Time Fleet Insights:

Receiving real-time insights on fleet movements, locations, and status enables fleet managers to monitor and manage fleet operations efficiently.

Enhanced Decision-Making:

Immediate access to fleet analytics empowers managers to make informed decisions promptly, optimizing routes, reducing downtime, and improving overall fleet performance.

Customization & Flexibility:

EAGLEi GPS understands that every business has unique needs. The Automatic Daily Dashboard is built to offer customization and flexibility, ensuring that the analytics you receive are most relevant to your operations.

Tailored Analytics Delivery:

Choose the frequency and type of analytics you wish to receive, ensuring that your inbox is not cluttered with irrelevant data.

Adjustable Reporting:

Adjust the reporting parameters to receive insights that align with your business goals, aiding in more accurate and relevant data interpretation.

Securing Operational Excellence with Scheduled Analytics:

The integration of scheduled analytics in fleet management systems ensures that businesses are well-informed and proactive, securing operational excellence and enhanced productivity.

Proactive Management:

Scheduled analytics delivery enables managers to be proactive, addressing issues and implementing changes in real-time, fostering a more responsive and adaptable operational environment.

Increased Productivity:

With relevant data readily available, businesses can optimize operations, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance productivity, contributing to overall business growth and success.


The Automatic Daily Dashboard by EAGLEi GPS is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with analytics, offering a seamless and convenient experience. By receiving scheduled analytics directly in your inbox, you can optimize your time, make informed decisions promptly, and focus on achieving operational excellence in your GPS fleet tracking endeavors.

Our tailored and user-friendly approach ensures that you receive relevant and understandable insights, empowering your business to be more proactive, efficient, and successful. Explore the effortless insights with EAGLEi GPS and elevate your analytical experience to new heights!

Discover the convenience and efficiency of the Automatic Daily Dashboard by EAGLEi GPS. Contact us today to streamline your analytics experience and optimize your fleet management operations!

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