Understanding the Green Freight Program: Funding Incentives for Fleet Energy Assessments and Eligible Truck and Trailer Retrofits

The Green Freight Program is a government-funded initiative in Canada aimed at helping fleets reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through a variety of methods including fleet energy assessments, fleet retrofits, engine repowers, logistical best-practice implementation, and the purchase of low carbon vehicles. The program is administered through two funding streams: Stream 1 – Assess and Retrofit, which provides grants towards Third-Party Fleet Energy Assessments and Truck/Trailer Equipment Retrofits, and Stream 2 – Repower and Replace, which provides 50% cost shared funding towards fuel-switching, engine repowers, and large scale improved logistical best-practice projects.

Implementing a GPS fleet management solution can be a part of the retrofit process for a fleet looking to reduce its fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. GPS fleet tracking allows for the optimization of routes, monitoring of fuel consumption and emissions, and the identification of inefficient driving habits, all of which can contribute to the overall reduction of fuel usage and emissions. In addition, GPS fleet management solutions can also provide real-time data on the location and status of vehicles, allowing for more efficient dispatching and scheduling, further contributing to fuel savings and emissions reductions. By participating in the Green Freight Program and implementing a GPS fleet management solution, fleets can take advantage of government funding and take steps towards improving their environmental sustainability.


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